Westlaw Gets Punk’d…or does it?

De Novo reports that LexisNexis has a quiz on its site that’s a glorified slam on its archrival, Westlaw. All you aspiring legal writers, the following attempt at a persuasive question is generously referred to as ‘ham-handed’ (Hint: The answer’s not A.):

Which legal research system’s headnotes are not comprised soley of the court’s own language and have been criticized by the judiciary for their focus and language?

A. LexisNexis

B. Westlaw

Oddly enough, the quiz didn’t include this question:

Which research system allowed the personal information of 310,000 people to be stolen?

A. LexisNexis

B. Westlaw

Check out the answer here. Looks like somebody might want to cultivate a little more humility over in LexisNexis land.

Yours truly,

Mr. X

…bad timing…

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  1. When I’m sippin’ a Starbucks latte, free, courtesy of 200 Lexis points garnered from this “quiz”, I’ll be all like, “Yeah, who’s yo’ daddy now, Westlaw? You triflin’, candy ass research system – you can’t never stop Lexis, yo’!” while some fat dork in his mother’s basement uses my identity to purchase child pornography.

  2. I hope you’re still checking comments.

    I swung by the competition today and didn’t see you so I thought I’d drop you a line here.

    Hey man, hit me on email: mail@stephenvandyke.com

    I wanted to meet up with you while you’re still in Cleveland.

    Stephen VanDyke

  3. choicepoint lost that data, not lexisnexis. Didn’t enron teach you anything about subsidiaries?

    And they profiled terrorists, and they have crappy credit.

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