Happy New Year

Just over four months here in Colorado, we’re settled in to the apartment, have a good sense for the area, and are getting used to having snow on the ground most of the time. Work is super busy. Last I checked, I have 206 client files open. It’s crazy, but I’m starting to feel like

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What is Atheism?

There’s a common misunderstanding when talking about atheism that has reared its ugly head in the stoic philosophy forum I participate in. This post seeks to identify the problem and work toward greater understanding between those who believe and those who do not. When an atheist describes his/her beliefs, he/she will typically use the phrase,

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Games and Poems

Bruce Godfrey tipped me off to a nice blog post about the five games you need to play to live well. It’s a good post, and worth the read. In the section on gambling, there was a snippet from Rudyard Kipling’s poem, If: If you can make one heap of all your winningsAnd risk it

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