Ghost Light

Today I learned that theaters place a “ghost light” in the center of the stage when the theater is unoccupied. It consists of a single light on a stand, kept illuminated to prevent accidents in a completely darkened theater or to appease the spirits that haunt the theater, depending on who you believe.

A single bulb on a light stand in the center of a stage is illuminated brightly.
“Ghost Light, David H. Koch Theater” by Zeete, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Core ethical values are like ghost lights on a world stage that feels plunged into moral darkness. By keeping those core values illuminated, we bring enough light into the darkness that others may see the way to turn on other lights in the theater and return the space to a bright and vibrant home for the sharing of stories and values among all the people.

And when those other lights are turned on, the ghost light is returned to its storage place, kept safe until the next time the stage is darkened.

What is your “ghost light” in our current world?

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