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Update from Colorado

Sorry for the lack of posting. Since my last post, I have: Graduated from law school cum laude. Temporarily moved to Denver to study for the Colorado bar exam. Set a wedding date and time with my fiancee and booked a venue for same. Started growing a bar exam “playoff beard“. Quit my day job …

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Brutal Bimodal Distribution

…or Why Law Students Get Ulcers. The Empirical Legal Studies blog has an excellent post analyzing a salary chart graphic for 2006 law graduates. Click through to see this shocking bit of infoporn and the analysis thereof. As an aside, I’ve spent about $200 in postage and burned through three reams of paper in the …

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A Momentary Reprieve

As of 9:05 pm last night, I’m done with finals for this semester. Not sure how I did on my last exam, but at this point I’m placing all my faith in the professor’s excellent grading skills. Wish me luck.

Breaking the Silence

I finished my first cite-checking assignment Sunday night. Somehow I found about 25 hours above and beyond my normal work and school duties to find sources in three different libraries, copy and collate them, and edit 20 or so pages of scholarly article. All that, and I still don’t feel like I did a good …

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Corpus Delicti

According to the ‘Lectric Law Library Lexicon, “corpus delicti” is defined as: The body of the offence; the essence of the crime. It was a general rule not to convict unless the corpus delicti can be established, that is, until the dead body has been found. Instances have occurred of a person being convicted of …

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Scalia v. Breyer

Having to work, I caught most of the discussion between Justices Scalia and Breyer held at my law school via C-SPAN (first on the web and then in the car), but I got to school in time to see the last bit from one of the multiple viewing rooms on campus. As I was telling …

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Contracts Killa

Well, I survived my first class last night. Contracts, with professor Teemu Ruskola (it’s Finnish). We did lots of hypothetical scenarios involving promises of pens and party invitations and explored some of the different theories behind contract law. Interesting subject matter. It’s really starting to hit home that the left side of the bell curve …

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