Update from Colorado

Sorry for the lack of posting. Since my last post, I have:

  • Graduated from law school cum laude.
  • Temporarily moved to Denver to study for the Colorado bar exam.
  • Set a wedding date and time with my fiancee and booked a venue for same.
  • Started growing a bar exam “playoff beard“.
  • Quit my day job as a programmer in preparation for my new day job as a public defender (to commence at some indefinite future time).

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  1. Congratulations on graduating with such honors and the engagement! I hope you’ll keep us posted with your experiences in public defense.

    What kind of programming were you doing?

  2. Thanks. I’ll probably post some stuff about the job, but not too much, given ethical duties of confidentiality.

    As to the former job, it was mostly web stuff. Some Java, some PHP, some ColdFusion.

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