The Surreal Life: Ben Ladner Edition

Johnny Law has an update on the situation, including pics from the on-campus protest we attended yesterday evening.

As if the personal chef and exquisite five thousand dollar lunches weren’t enough for President Ladner, the Washington Post uncovered a confidental memo to the Board requsting an additional five million in compensation to maintain his current standard of living at his retirement.

Too bad we had to go to class before we got to start chanting on the bullhorn; I really wanted to lead a rousing chorus of “He-ey, ho-oh, Benjamin Ladner has got to go!” However, AU Libertarians member, Calvin Beaulier did a great job of rallying the troops; he is pictured in the front-page DC Examiner story

This quote sums up the feeling on campus:

“No matter what the outcome of the investigation, he’s going to come back to a student body that doesn’t trust him and a Board of Trustees that is one vote away from letting him go,” [Emily Freifeld] said. “He has to go.”

It doesn’t matter whether he was living extravagently with our tuition money in violation of his contract or in conformance with it. We still don’t want him back.

Yours truly,
Mr. X

…Ladner out of AU…

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