Sarwark Elected Chair of Libertarian National Committee

Blogging here has been kind of light.  I ran for and was elected Chair of the Libertarian National Committee over the last weekend in June.  It’s going to be a busy two years.

From the official press release:

Delegates to the 2014 Libertarian Party National Convention in Columbus, Ohio, elected Nicholas Sarwark of Colorado to be the party’s new chair.
Sarwark has been active with the LP since 1999. He has served on committees of the national party, and as chair of the Libertarian Party of Maryland. He is currently the vice chair of the Libertarian Party of Colorado, where he played a key role in recruiting the state’s 42 Libertarian candidates for 2014, as well as supporting the passage of Colorado’s historic marijuana legalization initiative in 2012.
Sarwark’s goals include clearly positioning the Libertarian Party as the only choice for pro-freedom young people.
“Younger voters are rejecting the old political parties,” Sarwark said. “Reaching out to pro-freedom young people will make us the dominant political party in 20 years.”

I will keep this blog primarily for personal stuff.  Based on the last two weeks, in which I’ve taken official positions on the Hobby Lobby decision, leaving the old political parties behind, immigration, and stopping NSA spying, I’ll be saying plenty about politics in my role with the Libertarian Party.

I also maintain a Facebook page as Chair of the Libertarian National Committee, where I will be doing more political blogging.  You can also follow me on Twitter as @nsarwark.

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