Post Puff Piece on Poor Prez

The Post has a new profile piece on Ladner and his contradictions, in which they try to show the human face of the man they helped oust.

Before the audit, before the no-confidence votes, before trustees removed him as president of American University, Benjamin Ladner taught ethics.

That’s the heart of his now contradictory story: He’s a philosopher, known for the eloquence of his speeches, with more than a little Southern preacher in him. His friends describe him as an honorable, charismatic leader. But his critics — who have been growing in number since an investigation found that the Ladners spent university money on foie gras, limousines, French wine and family parties — say he’s unethical, manipulative and imperious.

My summary: He was a nice guy who taught ethics and whose friends like him, but he apparently skimmed a bunch of money. Gosh, where did he lose the plot?

Frankly, I don’t care if he’s a nice guy who is good to his autistic, retarded son. He partied with students’ tuition money. That’s not okay, even if he doesn’t kick puppies.

It sucks that there are still trustees on the Board who want to give him a hefty severance, sucking so bad that two of them have resigned. My proposed severance package: Ladner leaves quickly and he doesn’t get his package severed.

Yours truly,
Mr. X

…available for a trusteeship…

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