Parking ticket…or is it?

Walking back to my car from the metro tonight, I saw a foreign piece of paper lodged beneath my windshield wiper. Great. Another $20-35 donation to the DC budget for violating some obscure parking regulation.

When I got to my car, it turned out that the paper was not a dreaded ticket, but a business card. Great. Another freaking advertisement for a “Make Money At Home Super System!!!”

Wrong about that one too. Just a simple card with weird text.

Weird card

But being an ill-behaved woman doesn’t mean you’ll make history. It might just mean you weren’t listening when your parents tried to teach you manners.

Nice to know that the people who park around Takoma Metro station see the value in bringing a little surrealism into my life.

Yours truly,

Mr. X

…neither ill-behaved or a woman…

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