One Eighth Done

My exam-induced hiatus is over. I took my Torts exam last night; four hours of pure stress. The best part about it is…well…it’s over. Not that the class wasn’t great, but there’s nothing very good about spending four hours writing answers to weird hypothetical questions. Now I have three weeks of relative normalcy before I wade into the depths of Constitutional and criminal law.

In the spirit of Señor Coconut and the Moog Cookbook, Dwight tipped me off to Richard Cheese and the Lounge Against the Machine. A quick viewing of his Gin and Juice video will give you the idea. Relish in the bizarro fun.

I got my hair cut today. My stylist has a new shampoo girl. I wonder what the shampoo girl thinks about while she’s shampooing my hair; I think about the shampoo girl. She’s very thorough and attentive and there’s something incredibly sensual about having a woman wash your hair, even if you subsequently get it all cut off.

Yours truly,

Mr. X

…keepin it real…

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