On Folding

I haven’t been playing much poker lately, but in preparation for getting back into it, I read Tommy angelo’s article, Folding.

After my first taste of big-time folding, I felt that if I could get really good at it, I could quit my job. So I made folding my holy grail, my quest, my mountain to climb. I could see the mountain. I could see my path. I looked at the ground in front of me, and I took a step.

By 1990 I was folding enough to support my food and rent habit. This freed up lots of time for lots more folding. Before long I got so good at folding that I could afford to get stupid at first one flavor of gambling then another and another. My tether line to solvency was always the folding. Anytime I was low on money, all I had to do was stop betting and stop eating and get back to the folding.

It’s the money you leave on the table chasing bad hands that makes a losing poker player, not the bad beats.

Yours truly,
Mr. X

…aspiring folder…

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