Observations from the weekend

It is with sincere apologies to those of you who can’t get enough long and serious posts about international affairs that I present some observations from my weekend.

  • When running around Arlington in a toga, blitzed on wine, trading underwear with a strange woman will seem like a good idea. While panties can be quite comfortable and supportive, this is not as good an idea as it seems at the time.
  • Spending a Saturday afternoon at a family barbeque to welcome one’s stepdad home from three months away is always a good idea.
  • Giving motorcycle rides to kids is a great feeling. Especially when one of them comes up to you afterward and says, “That was so cool! I’m going to tell everyone at school on Monday,” and you can tell that you’ve pretty much made his week.
  • Lazy Sunday afternoons spent with pretty girls and peppered with scintillating conversation are great. As is the intense ab workout one gets from long stretches of laughing uncontrollably together.
  • Twisty roads like the Georgetown Pike are fun on a motorcycle, but more fun when they are not dark and unfamiliar. Fear of sudden death from careening over an embankment focuses the mind quite well.
  • Trying to find a building on the University of Maryland campus based on Mapquest directions is a fool’s errand, especially late at night. However, running such an errand the night before my roommate’s important TOEFL test should ensure that he does find the building the next morning, when it really matters.

That pretty much wraps up the weekend. Don’t worry, I’ll return to long-winded and heavily cited rantings about the state of the world sometime soon. Just not today.

Yours truly,
Mr. X


UPDATE: Photographic evidence here and here. Guess who’s not going to be President…

0 thoughts on “Observations from the weekend”

  1. Damn, homeboy gets around… 🙂

    You don’t know the half of it. This is what happens when one is slammed by school and work for a semester and ten gets a two-week reprieve before summer classes begin.

    Yours truly,
    Mr. X


  2. I really hope you didn’t take that kid whose week you made on a motorcycle ride down Georgetown Pike. Your “made his day” observation, along with the “dark and twisty road” one, don’t make a good combination.

  3. The motorcycle ride with the kid was on Saturday, while the Georgetown Pike ride was on Sunday night.

    Yours truly,
    Mr. X

    …how’s the weather…

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