Magic Commerce

Like most libertarians, I was disappointed that Professor Barnett‘s arguments did not prevail in Gonzales v. Raich. Not surprising (in fact, it’s surprising that it was only a 6-3 decision), but still disappointing. Justice Stevens managed to find interstate commerce in the intrastate, private growing of cannabis for personal, state-approved, medical use.

I’ve been having trouble following the tortured reasoning of the Court, but saw a link on the VC to an enlightening explanation of the ‘Wonderful World of Commerce.’

“Insolent pot!” says Giblets. “Be more vendible!”
“Giblets why are you yellin at that pot plant?” says me.
“Giblets is trying to turn it into commerce,” says Giblets. “But buying and selling it is too much work. He wants it to be commerce NOOOOOWWW!”
“Silly Giblets, everything is commerce!” says me. “Let’s step into this maaaagical schoolbus and we will learn all about Our World Of Commerce!”

Absolutely hilarious. If you’re a law geek or an amateur economist, it’s better. And don’t forget the extra-credit nature koan:

If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around, and Antonin Scalia doesn’t like it, can we ban it?

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…the power of imagination…

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  1. “If a tort falls in the forest and noone is around to hear it, is it still a tort?” – Mr.X in Torts Class

    I wish I hadn’t erased my ipod recordings of class so’s I could retrieve that gem.

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