Loose ends

I had a good weekend.

Friday night I went out with the peeps to Cafe Japone for sushi and some really bad karaoke. If I can get pics from Tina, I’ll post ’em.

Went to visit the family down at Fort Belvoir on Saturday. Got to play Viking King Kubb, an awesome outdoor game I picked up at the County Fair. Afterwards, Allyson and I went to see her friend Marissa Levy play at the Grog & Tankard. Good times.

Sunday was spent studying. This will probably become a trend.

Nemo sent me a great link to the DNA Lounge‘s experiment in ATM subversion. Gotta love jwz‘s sense of humor.

I’ve been arguing gun control with a lot of people this week. In my travels, I found a really good site that takes a look at things from a far more fundamental perspective than the typical, “what does the Second Amendment really mean,” standpoint.

a human right

Also, on Tuesday, August 31, Michael Badnarik took part in the first debate of the campaign season. Check out the blog for the post mortem.

Keep it real people, I’m off to Torts.

Yours truly,

Mr. X

…catching up…

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