Killing the Monkey

I turned in my open memo for Legal Rhetoric last night. After a month of reading and synthesizing Connecticut case law on prescriptive easements, it’s a relief to have it all behind me. No more thinking about poor Ms. McGregor and her rose-lined path to the lake that mean Mr. Zuckerman wants to fence off. No more bourbon-fueled nights trying to clearly describe what “open and visible” really means. (Trust me, bourbon helps with that.)

There was a little post-memo celebration at Buffalo Billiards (props to Will for putting it together), thought it’s a little premature. There’s still a cover letter exercise due tomorrow and tons of outlining and studying for exams left before the semester is done. And there’s still seven more semesters to go after this one. It’s a long road to travel.

Update: John has pictures over at his blog.

One day at a time.

Yours truly,

Mr. X

…temporarily calm…

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