I welcome our Skull & Bones overlord

Well, that’s over with. What a successful campaign. Bush/Kerry managed to work the American people up to a fever pitch with bugaboos of Supreme Court nominations, gay marriage, and other elements of the culture wars, ensuring that they won the election.

Shockingly, on November 3rd, Kerry nicely conceded and everyone became friends again. Almost like they were really friends all along, or members of the same secret society, or something. Now we have four more years of the Bush arm of that campaign. Here’s hoping that they’re better than the last four.

Michael Badnarik did better than Harry Browne, better than all the other third-parties combined, and was within 18,000 votes of Ralph Nader, last I checked. Pretty respectable for a campaign fought in a [culture] war zone.

Further thoughts on the campaign can be found on the Montgomery County Libertarian Party site. We didn’t win this battle, but we’re not quitting. Not by a long shot.

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Mr. X


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