I Love Women

This is not some sort of declaration that I’m not gay or bi, although I’m not (NTTAWWT). It’s rather that I appreciate women as women, in all their many forms. They’re beautiful and soft and kind and a whole lot of fun to be with.

Outer Life has an excellent paean to women that more eloquently expresses their beauty than I (Hat tip to Michael Gilleland).

I never understood the reductio ad absurdum that drove my fellow men to zero in on one body part. In doing so, they were not only ignoring many other appealing features, they were missing the big picture, the holistic melding into one glorious creation that is the wonder of the female form.

They were also too dismissive; a breast man may turn away from a woman with small breasts, never realizing how perfectly her breasts complement her small delicate frame. My approach opened my eyes to many more women, and, let’s face it, guys like me could not afford to narrow the field.

The body part men were frequently led astray, their infatuation with one body part blinding them to other issues. Consider again the breast man who, drawn to a slim woman with enormous fat-laden breasts, fails to appreciate that someday the rest of her body is likely to develop a similarly-high fat content. The irony, of course, is that once that happens her breasts will no longer stand out like they used to, thereby diminishing the attraction for our hapless breast man.

As Dino put it, “You can’t love ’em all…but you can try.” Here’s to trying.

Yours truly,

Mr. X


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  1. A little late on this one…

    Aww, someone’s sappy.

    But the best part of the post is the yahoo ads on the right that say “Big Beautiful Women.”


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