“Have fun, don’t die”

Carrington Vanston, one of my favorite Canadians, has a sobering look at the “African Cliff.”

Sex, being normal and natural and healthy and fun, is not something people will abstain from. It’s not something people have ever abstained from. It’s not something people will ever abstain from. And it’s not something people should abstain from. Abstinence programs don’t work in Alabama, and they don’t work in Africa. Or to widen the field a bit and make that statement more accurate, abstinence programs don’t work on Earth.

The danger of playing Let’s Pretend We Don’t Have Genitals when you live south of the Mason-Dixon line is small compared to the death toll it takes in less developed places without access to cheap and effective medical treatment.

AIDS and unprotected sex reduce the life expectancy of a population. Shockingly, abstinence education doesn’t change that.

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