Focus your energy to create change

power of the sun, photo by Dave Gough.

Focus is a powerful thing.

When I was a young child, I was fascinated by the power of a magnifying glass to take warm sunshine and concentrate it to a single point that could start a fire without matches or lighters.

Energy can be diffuse or concentrated.


Move the magnifying glass up or down and it would just create bright light that would never start a fire.

Illumination is important, but to create change in the world, it is important to focus energy on the point of change.

That which illuminates can also burn with focus.

The lever is a simple machine that also demonstrates the power of focus.

Concentration of diffuse and weak force at one end through a fulcrum to concentrated and powerful force at the other end is like magic.

Transforming weakness to strength through balance and focus.

The power of focus applies to social and political change as well.

“End all war” is a diffuse slogan and easily ignored.

It may illuminate the issue, but starts no fires.

“End Putin’s invasion of Ukraine” is focused and harder to ignore.

Holding focus can create change.

Determine the specific change you want to make.

Identify the places where focused energy is most likely to persuade those with the power to make that change.

Focus your energy on those places and do not remove that focus until those in power make the specific change.


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