Danny Diaz, Fascist for Bush

Michael Badnarik was campaigning in Santa Fe on Wednesday. The Santa Fe New Mexican interviewed him, mentioning his poll numbers.

New Mexico is the first building block in an aggressive strategy aimed at growing long-term party support, he said. A Rasmussen poll commissioned by his campaign revealed earlier this month that he had the support of 5 percent of New Mexican voters.

When asked for comment the Democrats protested ignorance, while Danny Diaz opined that there were no other candidates in the race.

Bush spokesman Danny Diaz, who was with the president in New Mexico and Arizona on Wednesday, repeatedly refused to address a Libertarian factor. “This is a race between the president of the United States and John Kerry, and voters will make their decision between those two candidates,” he said.

Funny that the Bush spokesman should so vehemently deny that the American people have another alternative in November at the same time as Bush is pandering to Libertarians by mumbling something about thinking that a national sales tax is “an interesting idea”…

As an aside, BugMeNot is a great resource for reading articles from sites requiring “free” registration. They even have their own registration page for anyone who is an “employee, partner, affiliate or legal representative of any site which enforces compulsory user registration”. Try it out…

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