“And did I mention that I don’t lie?”

I had an awesome day at the Takoma Park Folk Festival. People kept asking if it was lonely working the booth for Michael Badnarik in a sea of Democrats and I replied, “No, most everybody here is opposed to the War in Iraq, opposed to the Patriot Act, and for gay marriage; just like my candidate.”

From the Badnarik blog an interview with Michael by Erie Voices:

Erie Voices: All right. I already know the answer to this, but just for the record: What sets you apart from the Democrats and the Republicans?

Badnarik: Honesty. Integrity. And 20 years of studying the Constitution.

Erie Voices: Okay so –

Badnarik: And did I mention that I don’t lie? You may not like the answers I give but if you ask me questions you’re going to hear what I believe. And my answers don’t change from Monday to Friday like some candidates I know – and I also recognize that my power is limited. When I take an oath of office it is my responsibility to protect the life, and the liberty and the property of my fellow Americans. And everyone has learned that in our system of government there’s supposed to be a system of checks and balances – we have no checks in Washington. Congress will pass an unconstitutional act – the President will sign that act into law – and the Supreme Court will misinterpret it. We have no one in Washington protecting our rights. By electing a Libertarian Presidential candidate we can easily restore the system of checks and balances because I promise to veto any unconstitutional law that Congress sends to my desk.

Erie Voices: [long pause] Wow.

Badnarik: Oh I’m sorry, am I straddling the fence too much for you?

Erie Voices: [laughs] No. I love it. I love it.

Badnarik: Thank you.

The whole interview is here.

Yours truly,

Mr. X

…crashing hard…

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