What would you ask a famous economist?

Tyler Cowen, economist, cultural omnivore, and proprietor of Marginal Revolution, has written a new book called “Discover Your Inner Economist: Use Incentives to Fall in Love, Survive Your Next Meeting, and Motivate Your Dentist.” As an incentive for people to pre-order the book, he has offered to create a personalized podcast for anyone that pre-orders before Thursday, July 26th.

I’m planning on taking him up on the offer and wondered what you would ask a famous economist?

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  1. Well, since I’ve been running into it a lot lately.
    Michael Moore’s new film.
    Setting aside his typical careful selection of cases (wait time for elective/non-critical surgeries in Canada) or his poisoning the well strategy on CNN (attack the credentials, not the facts), I was fascinated by the movie itself.
    [trimmed a bunch of rambling on libertarian philosophy – realised this would go on for a while]
    Basically, I know economists look at things differently.
    And what is good for the individual, is not always good for society, or even optimal for a fairly reasonably gambling individual.
    Still, was wondering if anyone had properly examined all the consequences of eliminating the market from US healthcare (and yes, I know the current system is far from an open market).
    I know it is speculation, and working from other cases is rough, but that’s what economists do, right?
    Would be nice to total up the costs, this much in medical education, this much in lost freedoms, this much gained in quality of life, this much lost in research…

  2. BTW, doesn’t this defeat the purpose?
    He offers to create a personalised podcast, you open up the creation of the personalised podcast to the world?

  3. Well, the podcast will still be personalized to the question I submit. It’s just that I value the input of my readers in determining what the best question would be.

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