First month update

On Thursday I will have completed a full month as a public defender. The move out here went smoothly and we’re pretty much settled in. It’s been busy, with two trips back to the east coast, so not a lot of time to rest. Life as a PD is busy. I have over 100 cases

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It’s been too long

I’m not dead yet. There’s a lot of change in my life. I’m married now. We’re moving to Colorado within the next two weeks, and I start my job as a Deputy Public Defender. I’m renting out my house in the DC area and am in the midst of a mad scramble to do all

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Better presentations

Merlin Mann has a new post up about how he made his presentations a little better. One of the best recommendations he has is to use Guy Kawasaki‘s 10/20/30 rule for PowerPoint.* Both posts offer excellent advice for anyone who has to give presentations. Using their tips will instantly make you a better presenter than

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