How Much Do You Get Paid for Breathing? – An update

Back in July 2013, I wrote a post about how much one gets paid for breathing.  The basic concept is to figure out how much money you make from entirely passive investments and divide it our to figure out what you get paid just for breathing, without having to do any work.

At that point, between interest, dividends, and rental income, I was making $0.34 per hour.

Not quite two years later, I’m doing a little better on dividends and the rent went up on the house we don’t live in.  The new passive income is up to $3409.49 for the year, $284.12 for the month, $9.34 per day, and $0.39 per hour.

A five cent per hour raise is not normally something to write home about, but when it’s a raise on the wage you make for breathing, that’s an extra $438 every year for just staying alive.

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