A Funny Thing Happened in the Forum

The International Stoic Forum, that is. A certain provocateur posted a message about how we forum members were all “peace-nick pacifist care-bears.” Certain members were not familiar with the term “care bear” and its usage in Internet parlance. Which led to this hilarious reply from Robin (emphasis mine):

Paul wrote:
> — In stoics@yahoogroups.com, “alicorn1976” wrote:
>> I’ve been reading this forum for a while now and I really have to
>> wonder why there are so many care-bears on here.
> I have missed the point entirely, I’m afraid. What is a “care-bear”?
> On second thoughts, I probably don’t need to know.

If you have a strong stomach, go to www.care-bears.com The phenomenon has spread worldwide, but is mainly based in America. The UK has Teletubbies 😉

The term is sometimes used to mean people who will go to great lengths to avoid confrontation. Just like Cato and Marcus Aurelius, who as we all know spent all their time dressing up in pink fluffy suits and giving out hugs to all and sundry.


Read up a bit on Cato or Marcus Aurelius and you’ll see why I laughed.

Yours truly,
Mr. X

…in a pleasant mood…

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