Month: June 2005

Expeditors International: Coolest. Company. Ever.

Expeditors International, a non-asset-based freight forwarding concern, is also the coolest company ever. They have a dedication to their customers, employees, and shareholders. They also have a dedication to honesty and straightforwardness that would make Mencken proud. Now call me a geek, but I really enjoy reading their SEC 8-K filings. SEC filings are normally …

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Magic Commerce

Like most libertarians, I was disappointed that Professor Barnett‘s arguments did not prevail in Gonzales v. Raich. Not surprising (in fact, it’s surprising that it was only a 6-3 decision), but still disappointing. Justice Stevens managed to find interstate commerce in the intrastate, private growing of cannabis for personal, state-approved, medical use. I’ve been having …

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