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My trial record: 2-3-3

Derek prodded me to post some good news, since it’s been too long. My case load is larger than before, up to around 265. Since I started last August, I’ve had eight jury trials. My record at this point is 2-3-3. Two wins, three ties, and three losses. Now, you may be wondering how you

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First month update

On Thursday I will have completed a full month as a public defender. The move out here went smoothly and we’re pretty much settled in. It’s been busy, with two trips back to the east coast, so not a lot of time to rest. Life as a PD is busy. I have over 100 cases

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Corpus Delicti

According to the ‘Lectric Law Library Lexicon, “corpus delicti” is defined as: The body of the offence; the essence of the crime. It was a general rule not to convict unless the corpus delicti can be established, that is, until the dead body has been found. Instances have occurred of a person being convicted of

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