Secret law, secret testimony

The DOJ has asked to keep their arguments secret in the case brought by John Gilmore, the co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, challenging the requirement to show ID before boarding a plane.

“We’re dealing with the government’s review of a secret law that now they want a secret judicial review for,” one of Gilmore’s attorneys, James Harrison, said in a telephone interview Sunday. “This administration’s use of a secret law is more dangerous to the security of the nation than any external threat.”

Not only do they want the proceedings secret, but they also want to present their arguments to the judge outside the presence of the plaintiff and his lawyers.

The government contends its court arguments should be sealed from public view and heard before a judge outside the presence of Gilmore and his attorneys as well. The government, however, said it would plan to file another “redacted” public version of their arguments.

– from the Mercury News article

I love my country, I fear my government.

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