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Rock climbing skills applicable to real life

One of the things you learn when rock climbing is that you always need at least one stable hold when moving. Throwing yourself at the next hold usually leads to falling.

Now that I have a broken ankle, I find those same skills of having a steady hold before moving are paying off when showering on one foot, and especially in getting in and out.

Aside from that literal application to life, there’s also the metaphorical. If you are going to make a big move in your career, relationship, or any other area, it’s best to have at least one area of your life that is stable to lean on.

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  1. J J

    And you broke the ankle how? Please do let us know the juicy details.

  2. Sadly, not that juicy. Was walking with the new baby, trying to get the stroller down some stairs and I rolled my ankle while stepping backwards.

    Small fracture of the fibula, six weeks or so with an ortho-boot and crutches.

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