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The law school journey begins

I’m sitting in room 101 of the Washington College of Law, waiting to have my ID picture taken. The line is so long that it looks like we’ll get to pick up the finished ID sometime tomorrow. Cheap movie tickets await, but I doubt I’ll have any time anymore to go to the movies. Ah, irony.

The dean of students welcomed us, the dean of the school welcomed us, the professors and Student Bar Association president and vice president of the Evening Law Students Association. I’m felt pretty damn welcome.

I took (really) bad pictures. Check ’em out.

Part of the class

Dean Jaffe

Dean Grossman

Weren’t those awful? I’ll try to hold the camera a little steadier next time. Back again tomorrow for more fun, fun, fun…

Yours truly,

Mr. X

…a little tired…

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    Congratulations, Nick!!!


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