Corporate Avenger - Freedom Is a State of Mind (2001, Suburban Noize)

A hardcore punk band whose message is "primarily personal responsibility and compassion for others". What more could a Libertarian punk fan ask for? Corporate Avenger is that band, and their latest release, Freedom Is a State of Mind, delivers that message.

Their songs rail out at oppression in various forms, from drug laws to taxes to religious persecution. Some of their lyrics are explicit, and some of them present very aggressive messages ("The Bible is Bullshit" comes to mind), but they are all thought provoking.

In "Taxes Are Stealing" the band puts an aggressive edge on a familiar Libertarian idea. Calling out the IRS as being like the friends of the Little Red Hen, only there when it's time to eat the bread, they present a powerful case for tax reform to stop the use of our tax money to oppress people or prosecute wars (on drugs or countries). The refrain sums up the message best:

"Well taxes are stealing and I get the feeling that we're getting fucked in the ass
They take what they want to whenever they want to
And our needs they always come last"

"FBI File" points out the destruction of civil liberties brought on by the War on Drugs.

"FBI got a file on me
Too many cages in the land of the free
Join us now as we make our plea
Set all drug offenders free."
Never one to play favorites, the band makes sure that all the three-letter agencies (CIA, FBI, DEA, IRS) get their share of the rage.

Corporate Avenger is not for everyone, but in a world of leftist bands like Rage Against the Machine it's a nice change of pace to hear a Libertarian message. I'd rate it an 8 out of 10.

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