The first quarter-century, a retrospective

25 years ago I was born in Phoenix, AZ. I've managed to graduate from college, get a good job, buy a house and survive my first week of law school. I've dated a lot of cool women, made a lot of cool friends, and thrown a few good parties. I've fed refugees in Albania, been evacuated from a square in Jerusalem by a bomb threat, and walked through the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. I've lived in Phoenix, Yuma, Kansas City, White Sands Missile Range, Binghamton, Dominica, Lanesboro, Naperville, Silver Spring, Takoma Park, and some little town outside Lansing, Michigan. I've served in half a dozen positions in the Libertarian Party, been to three Libertarian National Conventions, and appeared once a month on the radio for about three straight years now. I've skydived, learned to ride a motorcycle, parasailed, scuba dived, rock climbed, and got my shodan in kendo.

Thank you to everyone who has touched my life. Here's looking forward to sharing the next 25 years with you.

Yours truly,
Mr. X

...taking stock...


A sane(r) view of terrorism

The Washington Post has a great article by Gene Weingarten about living with terrorism. He also did a follow-up online chat with readers about it. Well worth reading. We often forget that a) terrorism is just a tactic and b) there's not a lot to be done about it. Good reminders.

Yours truly,
Mr. X


Less and less sleep

Last night was my long night. Torts from 6:00 - 8:00 pm, Legal Rhetoric from 8:00 - 10:00 pm, then home to read for contracts until about 1:30 am. I'm a little bit tired and frazzled today.

My Torts class is taught by Andrew Popper. He was head of the admissions committee that whittled the 9,400 person applicant pool down to the approximately 480 person class. When he's not teaching, he's busy testifying before Congress about tort reform. His class promises to be the most challenging of this semester.

Allyson's taking me to see The Presidents of the United States of America tonight at the 9:30 Club after class tonight. I'm so glad they got back together.

Check out the latest animated Badnarik banner (picked up on the blog):

Back to work.

Yours truly,
Mr. X



Contracts Killa

Well, I survived my first class last night. Contracts, with professor Teemu Ruskola (it's Finnish). We did lots of hypothetical scenarios involving promises of pens and party invitations and explored some of the different theories behind contract law. Interesting subject matter.

It's really starting to hit home that the left side of the bell curve didn't get accepted to law school (at least not at WCL with me). Even the people who sit in the back of the room seem like they're sharp and up on the class readings. This is in stark contrast to my last brief foray into evening grad school, an Organizational Behavior class with a bunch of government workers looking to pad their resumes (and their salaries) with another degree.

I stayed up until midnight reading for my Legal Rhetoric class tonight (and I'm still not quite done). Looks like no free time for a while.

The Tofu Hut has a link to a really good funky protest song, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings doing "What If We All Stopped Paying Taxes?". Imagine, if we didn't give the government money to prosecute wars, how would they pay for the bombs? Hmm...

Tonight is Torts and Legal Rhetoric. Whee!

Yours truly,
Mr. X

...sleep deprived...

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The rubber hits the road

Tonight's my first night of class for law school. I've already briefed three and a half cases (need to finish the one for Legal Rhetoric) before class has even started. The realization that all of those people who filled out the middle of the curve didn't get into school with me has started to hit. If I'm not too brutalized by my first night of Contracts, I'll update further.

I saw the most awesome Badnarik image ever today:

If I get any free time this week or weekend, I think I'm going to go to the park and play with my new Viking King Kubb set. Hopefully with a lot of beer.

Yours truly,
Mr. X

...hit and run...


The law school journey begins

I'm sitting in room 101 of the Washington College of Law, waiting to have my ID picture taken. The line is so long that it looks like we'll get to pick up the finished ID sometime tomorrow. Cheap movie tickets await, but I doubt I'll have any time anymore to go to the movies. Ah, irony.

The dean of students welcomed us, the dean of the school welcomed us, the professors and Student Bar Association president and vice president of the Evening Law Students Association. I'm felt pretty damn welcome.

I took (really) bad pictures. Check 'em out.

Part of the class

Dean Jaffe

Dean Grossman

Weren't those awful? I'll try to hold the camera a little steadier next time. Back again tomorrow for more fun, fun, fun...

Yours truly,
Mr. X

...a little tired...

All I wanted were some shoes...

Carrington Vanston has a great article that should make us all very happy that most web designers are stuck on the web and have not yet escaped into the real world.

When I stepped out of the cab, the shop exploded. Not into flames, but into advertisements for adult video stores.

Yours truly,
Mr. X

...looking for my animation scrapbook...


Swords, drunks, and a better president...

After work last night I went out to see Takeshi Kitano's remake of Zatoichi. It was a long day at work, but the trailer convinced me to go. Damn, what a good movie. "Beat" Takeshi is cool, as always (go rent Brother), the violence is stylized to the point of high camp, and the song-and-dance number at the end just crowns it off as a great piece of filmmaking.

Nemo sent me a link to The Uppity Drunk, a feature of Modern Drunkard magazine.

It's true sir, I AM going to kick your ass. With ass-kicking FACTS!
Brilliant, simply brilliant.

Finally, Walt Thiessen announced that he has produced a documentary about Michael Badnarik. There's links to a mirrors in the blog post.

Tomorrow's the first day of law school orientation. Wish me luck.

Yours truly,
Mr. X

...kicking it hardcore...


Danny Diaz, Fascist for Bush

Michael Badnarik was campaigning in Santa Fe on Wednesday. The Santa Fe New Mexican interviewed him, mentioning his poll numbers.

New Mexico is the first building block in an aggressive strategy aimed at growing long-term party support, he said. A Rasmussen poll commissioned by his campaign revealed earlier this month that he had the support of 5 percent of New Mexican voters.

When asked for comment the Democrats protested ignorance, while Danny Diaz opined that there were no other candidates in the race.

Bush spokesman Danny Diaz, who was with the president in New Mexico and Arizona on Wednesday, repeatedly refused to address a Libertarian factor. “This is a race between the president of the United States and John Kerry, and voters will make their decision between those two candidates,” he said.

Funny that the Bush spokesman should so vehemently deny that the American people have another alternative in November at the same time as Bush is pandering to Libertarians by mumbling something about thinking that a national sales tax is "an interesting idea"...

As an aside, BugMeNot is a great resource for reading articles from sites requiring "free" registration. They even have their own registration page for anyone who is an "employee, partner, affiliate or legal representative of any site which enforces compulsory user registration". Try it out...

Yours truly,
Mr. X

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Choices, choices

Received today from a disgruntled Democrat:

"Responding to President Bush's challenge to clarify his position, Sen. John F. Kerry said Monday that he still would have voted to authorize the war in Iraq even if he had known then that U.S. and allied forces would not find weapons of mass destruction."
Full story:In Hindsight, Kerry Says He'd Still Vote for War

Let's compare this to Michael Badnarik's campaign commercial airing in New Mexico, where he asks to be our "Peace President". Badnarik's blog has a post about this very problem.

Boy am I glad that there's at least one honorable presidential candidate working his way through New Mexico this week.

Yours truly,
Mr. X

...such a world we live in...