Nemo and I competed in the Third Annual Annapolis Kendo/Iaido Club Invitational Kendo Tournament in the shodan/nidan division. I placed third and he placed second (maybe I should go to practice or something).

The Washington Kendo Club team (Nemo and I in the front, with our little plaques)

Yours truly,
Mr. X

...catching up...


Life imitates art, super-size edition

In Wednesday's Onion: "In spite of billions of dollars spent and decades of research, scientists at the University of Chicago said Monday that the scientific community is no closer to finding a cure for the potentially fatal disease of obesity." - Report: Scientists Still Seeking Cure For Obesity

In Friday's USA Today: "In a major decision that turns obesity from a personal failure to a medical problem, Medicare announced Thursday that it would remove barriers to covering anti-obesity treatments after 40 years of saying fat was not an illness and not covered." - Medicare redefines obesity as medical

Yours truly,
Mr. X

...feeling sick...



Went to the Shakespeare Theatre last night to see Cyrano de Bergerac. I've seen almost 20 plays put on there and this was definitely in the top two. Incredible pacing, great performances, wicked swordplay, beautiful set and costume design. It's a must see.