Meeting Minutes


Attendees: Nicholas Sarwark, Esther Whieldon, Derek Pomery, Leroy Cain, Joel Beaven
19:45 - 21:15 July 15, 2007
More than 50% of the members were present, so there was a quorum.

Treasurer's Report
We currently have $9,259.75 in securities and $759.90 in cash.
Since last meeting we received $2.33 in dividends from DIA, $2.34 from Whole Foods, $2.56 from Lowes, $8.00 from Harrah's, $0.28 from Wyndham, and $.04 in interest.
Stock Discussion
Esther moved to place a stop loss on Nokia at $30.50. Motion carried unanimously.
Joel presented on Smith & Wesson. The company looks promising and Joel will present an updated presentation at the next meeting.
Next Meeting
October 21, 2007 at Esther's house.

Action Items
Joel to continue Smith & Wesson research.
Leroy to research the x-ray company.