Meeting Minutes


Attendees: Nicholas Sarwark, Leroy Cain, Derek Pomery, Gerald McClurg
20:21 - 21:03 August 21, 2005
It was determined that more than 50% of the members were present, constituting a quorum.

Treasurer's Report
We currently have $5786.43 in securities and $929.49 in cash (less $538.67 owed to Irma).
Since last meeting we received $0.96 from LOW, $0.65 from DIA, and $0.11 interest on our credit balance.
Member Issues
Leroy has not yet rescinded Irma's membership. Will send her a check as soon as we get new checks.
Stock Presentations
Nick presented on Costco. Jerry moved to keep an eye on Costco, but not buy now. Motion passed unanimously.
Next Meeting
September 18, 2005 at Nick's house.

Action Items
Esther researching Whole Foods.