Meeting Minutes


Attendees: Nicholas Sarwark, Derek Pomery, Leroy Cain, Lynn Shniper, Joel Beaven, Janelle Kihlstrom
21:00 - 21:15 July 15, 2007
More than 50% of the members were present, so there was a quorum.

Treasurer's Report
We currently have $8,774.87 in securities and $956.84 in cash.
Since last meeting we received $0.60 in dividends from PPDI, and $.04 in interest.
Stock Discussion
Derek presented on tech stocks in the mobile market. He evaluated Nokia (NOK), Motorola (MOT), Apple (AAPL), and Research in Motion (RIMM). Apple has a PEG of 1.64, but has been pumped up on the hype for the iPhone. Motorola has been losing money. Nokia might be a buy. Seems to be growing reliably. RIMM appears to be overvalued.
Derek moved that we buy 25 shares. Motion passed.
New Member
Joel was added to the club.
Next Meeting
August 19, 2007 at Joel Beaven's house.

Action Items