Meeting Minutes


Attendees: Nicholas Sarwark, Derek Pomery, Leroy Cain, Lynn Shniper, Jacob Aaronson
20:00 - 21:15 June 24, 2007
More than 50% of the members were present, so there was a quorum.

Treasurer's Report
We currently have $8,550.20 in securities and $956.20 in cash.
Since last meeting we received $8.00 in dividends from HET, $2.48 from DIA, $5.60 from EXPD, and $.04 in interest.
Stock Discussion
Derek presented on Netflix. The price has never returned to the level we purchased it at $32. They're now facing greater competition from Blockbuster and may be facing competition from Amazon soon. Derek recommends holding the stock.
Jacob presented on Whole Foods. It had been doing well until January of 2006. The whole time it had been doing better than the S&P 500. Mean recommmendation is to Hold. Buyout of Wild Oats is being opposed by the FTC.
We did not sell either Whole Foods or Netflix.
Next Meeting
July 15, 2007 at Derek Pomery's house.

Action Items
Esther to evaluate Southwest Airlines (NYSE:LUV).
Derek to look at tech stocks.