Meeting Minutes


Attendees: Nicholas Sarwark, Leroy Cain, Derek Pomery, Esther Whieldon
20:10 - 21:15 April 29, 2007
More than 50% of the members were present, so there was a quorum.

Treasurer's Report
We currently have $7,949.50 in securities and $1087.33 in cash.
Since last meeting we received $2.34 in dividends from WFMI, $1.94 from DIA, and $.14 interest on our credit balance.
Realogy (H) was sold at $30 per share, for $270, less a $20 fee.
Stock Discussion
Nick evaluated PPDI. Unanimous vote to buy 20 shares of PPDI.
Next Meeting
May 20, 2007 at Nick Sarwark's house.

Action Items
Esther to evaluate Southwest Airlines (NYSE:LUV).
Leroy to present on S&P 500 ETFs.